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 Founding Members and Primary Owners

   ????????????????????????????????????   Rohit Gupta (MD and Chief Finance Officer)

Rohit Gupta brings over 8 years of working experience in diverse industry segments like Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Event Management, advertising & public relations. As a Founder of RGMRG Group and the driving force behind its go-to-market initiatives,  he has carefully nurtured the brand to make it a favorite name among clients in less than 3 years.

Rohit is a first-time entrepreneur. Before founding RGMRG Group he worked  with Uniflair Pvt Ltd  in strategy planning department in Gurgaon, with ICICI Bank and Indusind Bank in Client Engagement department in New Delhi. Rohit has a MBA degree in Finance and has PG in banking, finance and insurance.

20150412_121551                                                                                                                Medha Tyagi (Co-Founder)

She is co-founder and think-tank of RGMRG Group. Medha Tyagi having triple Post-Graduation in Human Rights, Media Management and Banking. Having Working experience in Banking with ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and also manage international events.


                                                                                            List of Team Members

1476573_647767308607186_1273659720_n  Surinder Paul Singh (Marketing Head)

With more than 10 years industry experience, one of most valuable pillar of RGMRG Group’s growth. Mr. Surinder is Masters in Business administration in Marketing qualified person and work with many brands and companies.




59939_4599806825487_2063685471_n                                                                           Deepak Kumar Verma (Head IT Department)

One of young and intelligent business person of recent time Mr. Deepak Kumar Verma, having degree of in computer science and MBA in Marketing. He is Head of IT Department and also founder of many companies, He is also Founder and owner of Himachal Mart (An online shopping site), Himachal Network (An online community site and e-newspaper) and Syslis Web Solution.



List of Directors

  1. Mr. Rohit Gupta (Managing Director)
  2. Mrs. Medha Tyagi
  3. Mr. Mohit Gupta
  4. Mr. Naman Tyagi
  5. Mrs. Mamta Tyagi
  6. Mrs. Nirmal Gupta
  7. Mr. Akash Gupta (Executive Director)
  8. Mr. Surinder Paul Singh (Executive Director)

List of Share Holders

  1. Mr. Rohit Gupta
  2. Mrs. Medha Tyagi
  3. Mr. Rakesh Tyagi
  4. Mr. Vijay Gupta
  5. Mrs. Mamta Tyagi
  6. Mrs. Nirmal gupta
  7. Mr. Mohit Gupta
  8. Mr. Naman Tyagi
  9. Mr. Akash gupta
  10. Mr. Surinder Paul Singh
  11. Mrs. Nidhi Sharma

List of Key Investors 

  1. Mr. Rakesh Tyagi
  2. Mrs. Nidhi Sharma
  3. Mr. Surinder Paul Singh
  4. Mr. Puneet Bhardwaj
  5. Mr. Raman Tyagi
  6. Mr. Ram Gopal
  7. Mr. Pankaj Gupta
  8. Mr. Rakesh Kumar
  9. Mr. Prabhjot Singh
  10. Mr. Pushpender Nath Sharma
  11. Mrs. Richa Tyagi
  12. Mr. L N Tyagi
  13. Miss Shalini Jaiswal
  14. Mrs. Shikha Sharma
  15. Mrs. Charu Sharma
  16. Mr. Manish Kumar
  17. Mr. Shubham Sharma
  18. Miss Gunjan Mehra
  19. Mr. Ajay Yadav
  20. Mr. Vinod Dhiman